Making Your Ride Look New

by Jenny Dubach

Adams County native Wes Minnich says, “I have always had a passion for cars.” And, this passion of his definitely shows in his work. Above & Beyond Vehicle Reconditioning, located in Bluffton, Indiana, is a 5 star-rated business providing a number of automotive services.

The ribbon cutting of his new business was held on November 15, 2016. However, Wes’s journey in this field began many years ago. Before Wes was even old enough to drive, he discovered a love that would become a business opportunity and continue throughout his adult years. It all started with an auto mechanics class at South Adams High School.

Wes began detailing vehicles at the age of 14. Having a strong work ethic, as well as a natural talent for the work, he later took a job at a Chrysler dealership in Bluffton in 2000.

Wes started at entry level and worked his way up, experiencing all sides of the industry. He began in detailing before moving into parts, service and sales. In 2008, Wes went to work at Expert Transmission, gaining even more knowledge on automotive services and details.

In order to launch his own business, Wes traded services for an inexpensive minivan that would enable him to transport chemicals. His entrepreneurial dream quickly materialized into a successful business.

When asked what he is passionate about and what drives him, Wes responds, “I love working with people.” He clearly has a passion for detailing automobiles, and he says his driving force is “an unwillingness to fail.” Wes has a dedication for hard work, and it appears to follow through in every area of his life.

Above & Beyond Vehicle Conditioning offers a variety of services, including detailing, minor body work, and headliners. Wes plans to add vinyl repair and accessories soon. He also provides paintless dent removal.

The Bluffton business is a “cosmetic one-stop shop,” and employees pride themselves in doing whatever may be needed—removal of road tar, tree sap, baked-on bugs, and road salt; repairing scuffs and scratches; touching up paint; and applying undercoat. Basically, Above & Beyond offers just about any service needed to get a vehicle back to as close as new as possible.

Who doesn’t love the look and smell of a fresh clean vehicle? Parents of small children often wonder what the weird smell is in the car …. only to find a chicken nugget, half-eaten cheeseburger, or lost fries that fell between or underneath a seat. A closer look may reveal candy stuck to the carpeting or partially-melted Crayons in storage areas.

This is where Above & Beyond can make your vehicle feel new again. As you look to sell a vehicle, the shop can help you get the best price by making your ride look fabulous. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, Above & Beyond can shine and freshen both the interior and exterior.

The staff provides pick-up and delivery. In winter months, the business also does some snow removal. If the services at Above & Beyond cannot accommodate your specific need, the staff has resources to point you in the right direction.

As owner, Wes wears many hats. Each day is different, from picking up cars or keys, to planning the day, prioritizing and deciding what vehicles have to be done first and out the door to accommodate schedules and deadlines. Wes advises, “Anyone going onto this line of work must possess detailed skills and be particular, and just enjoy doing the job.”

Above & Beyond also contracts with many dealerships and other companies, such as Moser Motors in Berne and Portland, Hiday GM, Velocity Motors, Troxel Equipment, National Oil, Almco Steel, Wayne Metals, Harvest Land, and others. Wes and his staff work on company cars, big commercial trucks, motorcycles, and watercraft, including boats, jet skis, and houseboats.

Satisfied customers have left many reviews for Above & Beyond, expressing how happy they were with the jobs that have been done for them. Just to quote a couple…

WOW!!! This company and Wes are legit!! If you need quality detailing done to your vehicle, then this is the place to go!!

 Well, you never disappoint!! Loved how you got all the door dings out and spruced up our Yukon! You guys are amazing! Thank you for your service, and your hard work is truly appreciated! I’m hooked on this service!! Please try it…you will love it!

Wes says the main goal for the time being is to provide professional, dealership-quality detailing. In the future, he might branch out and establish his own dealership.

As a local business owner, Wes likes to be involved in the community. His company sponsors baseball teams, along with a car show coming up this July.

When Wes isn’t working at the shop, he is usually operating his other business. He goes straight from work at Above & Beyond to Pizza King in Geneva. Wes and his wife Helen took over the well-known restaurant in January of 2015.

His duties at Pizza King include: managing employees, making sure everything is running smoothly, all supplies have been ordered, ensuring the coolers maintained, and seeing that customers are enjoying the famous smorgasbord and the fabulous pizza. Time management has been important in dividing Wes’ attention between both businesses, but he says it can be done while still enjoying life.

In his free time, Wes enjoys being with his family and vacationing at Lake James with his wife of 17 years and their two children, Deven (14) and Dana (9).

Above & Beyond is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. Check out the company’s Facebook page for more information.

Above & Beyond
Vehicle Reconditioning
633 N. Main Street
Bluffton, IN 46714
(260) 525-1441

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