Ensuring Your Indoor Comfort and Well-Being

by Dee Fisher


Stop for a moment and think about how people lived 125 years ago. In rural areas like ours, homesteads had no electrical power, and heating was largely a matter of how much wood you had prepared for the cold weather.

Air conditioning? Forget about it! Just open more windows. And any plumbing was probably outdoors and rather uncomfortable and aromatic during temperature extremes.

In today’s world, electricity and related utilities, like heating, cooling, and indoor plumbing, are part of daily life. Not only are we less comfortable physically during very hot or very cold weather when equipment is down or power is lost, we also run the risk of creating serious health hazards like spoiled food from lack of refrigeration and unsecured human waste from inadequate plumbing.

The real job today is in finding technicians who are not only well trained, but also reasonably priced. Having the right plumbing and heating company on your contact list is like having a doctor who understands your medical history–priceless!

A & A Mechanical is a Van Wert-based business that strives to be the right plumbing and heating company for those who need its services. ” ‘A & A’ stands for ‘affordable and accurate’,” says Ty Holdgreve, owner and president of the company. “Those are the bars we set for our service–both faultless assessment, as well as repair of problems, all within the financial means of the customer.”

Ty came into the business in a roundabout way. After graduating from Lincolnview/Vantage Vocational in 1999, Ty farmed for a bit on family land until he decided he wanted to do something else with his life. He joined the Army National Guard, which paid for his college degree in diesel mechanics after he spent a year on active duty following 9/11. Ty joined a company owned by his father-in-law, which dealt with heating and air conditioning, and it was then that he found his real calling.

“Overall, I love my job!” Ty exclaims. “No two projects are the same, even if the circumstances are identical. Best of all, I’m not sitting behind a desk all day long. No matter the weather, I prefer to work out-of-doors, free of walls and indoor lighting.”

He started his own company in 2009 in his garage, purchasing necessary equipment at auctions. “Our first company vehicle was a used ambulance,” Ty shares. “It was great because of all the shelving and cabinets already built into the back of the van.”

The business has grown since then and now operates from its own location on Crawford Street in Van Wert–with much newer service vehicles and seven full-time employees, including office staff. Fully licensed in both Ohio and Indiana, Ty and his technicians attend classes and workshops annually to keep their licenses renewed and current.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use technicians who have current licenses,” Ty explains. “A legitimate plumbing and heating service will have both licensed technicians and a state license for their business.

“This reduces the number of ‘fly by night’ outfits that create more problems and take money under false pretenses. And, an important part of a technician’s license must be in residential plumbing, heating, and cooling.”

A & A Mechanical will install, repair, and maintain any residential heating, cooling, or plumbing systems. Along with this, they will repair and maintain generators, clean duct work, and improve water and air quality in a home with state-of-the-art products that cleanse and purify these most basic needs of a family.

“New building standards make checking air quality a priority for the homeowner,” Ty says. “New homes are built today with fewer windows and less regard for cross-ventilation because they are constructed specifically with air conditioning in mind. There are fewer chances to ‘air out’ a house, letting harmful antigens, viruses, and bacteria out.”

Even such “harmless” problems as dry air can be annoying and less than healthy, causing static electricity charges, as well as itchy skin and sore throats. Floors and walls can also be damaged from extremely dry air, and black mold particles can lead to possibly fatal results for a family.

One fairly new product for home air quality control is the new ductless air system. These are smaller, more energy-efficient units that can be used to control temperature room by room, or in zones around the house.

As the name suggests, these do not rely on ducts to force air through a building. Each unit is an independent system, cooling or heating a specific area. Air quality is enhanced, and the unit’s ability to filter particles from the air is more easily maintained through changing filters in each unit; professional cleaning is not an annual requirement, as it is with ducted systems.

“We installed these units in our office and warehouse, and they have been wonderful for our comfort here in the building, as well as helping us save real money on our own heating and cooling,” says Ty. “We highly recommend them for homes!”

“In order to serve our customers more efficiently, planning for future maintenance and needed repairs, we offer annual service agreements,” Ty adds. “There are two levels of agreements, both affordable, that help us keep our customers from sudden surprises with their home systems.”

Every six months or so, A & A makes appointments with home owners to check their heating and cooling systems. The technician then makes recommendations for needed repairs and/or maintenance on the system for the comfort and health of the home’s inhabitants. Many problems are warded off this way, and there is also a 5- to 10-percent discount given to agreement owners on labor and materials.

The type of service A & A Mechanical supplies is a going concern in our modern world. “As more technicians retire, there are many opportunities opening up for young workers,” Ty says. “This business is challenging, both to the body and the mind, but it’s also very rewarding to both mind and spirit. I highly recommend it!”

A & A Mechanical LLC
717 E. Crawford Street
Van Wert, OH 45891
(419) 238-4994

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