Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

by Jenny Dubach


Prepper 4 Inc. is a gun shop located in Bluffton, Indiana and owned by Elliot Nichols. The store opened in June of 2014. Under prior ownership, the store had operated for about 30 years—first as Bluffton Gun Shop, then as 21st Century Firearms.

Elliot’s passion for firearms, tactical gear and supplies turned into a fitting business opportunity for him and his family. The shop’s name has special meaning. There are four in the Nichols family: Elliot, his wife Jessica, and their two beautiful children. Prepper 4 stands for “the four preppers” and hints at the question, “What are you prepared for?”

Prepper 4 is a retailer of firearms, tactical gear, suppressors, and Mountain House food and just recently became dealers for High Speed Gear. High Speed Gear happens to be one of the premium tactical gear suppliers in the world and is proudly made in the USA!

Prepper 4’s employees and service are second to none. They are attentive and very personable with each customer who walks through the door—you are never just a number or a dollar sign. Employees are dedicated in taking care of each person before, during, and after a sale.

If there is ever a problem with anything purchased from Prepper 4, the shop stands on its dedication to customer service and will fix it for you. If repairs are unsuccessful, an item will be sent back to the manufacturer to ensure perfection, as well as customer satisfaction.

Elliot definitely has a dedication and a passion for arming people and educating them in self-defense. “The old saying goes ‘God created all men and women….and Samuel Colt helped make them equal,’” he says. “Firearms are a great way to ensure the equality in needed situations, no matter the stature or physical limitations against someone larger or more intimidating.”

In cooperation with Team Lockout Jujutsu, Bluffton’s martial arts school, and Mastiff LLC, a company specializing in security consulting and firearms instruction, Prepper 4 offers many classes, ranging from “Lethal Ladies” Women’s Defensive Pistol Class to Pistol Retention and In-Fight Access (this particular class is really the next step in self-protection). “Many people carry concealed weapons,” Elliot points out, “but can you actually protect yourself from someone trying to take your firearm? Do you know when it’s the right time to draw your firearm?”

Both Elliot and Michael, of Team Lockout Jujutsu, are Force on Force™ certified instructors. They have many upcoming classes scheduled, including: Precision Rifle (for long range shooting) – July 16th; Pistol 101 (basic pistol course) – July 23rd, August 27th, and September 24th; Ladies Only Basic Defense (handgun course) – July 23rd and November 19th; AK 47 Basics (AK74s welcome) – August 27th; Precision Rifle – September 17th and October 8th; Carbine 101 (basic fighting with a rifle) – September 24th; Pistol Retention and In-Fight Access – October 15th; and Basic Shotgun Self Defense – November 19th.

Prepper 4’s staff are quite knowledgeable. All are avid shooters and can assist with decisions on what is the best fit for you or your needs.

Elliot’s advice is to buy a gun you think you can comfortably shoot a thousand times. Get the proper training from the start to save you any problems in the future.

Stop in during business hours for a consultation—10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Visit the Prepper 4 website or like the shop’s Facebook page to be informed of upcoming events!

Prepper 4 Inc.
827 N. Main Street
Bluffton, IN 46714
(260) 824-5530

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